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This report was way too precious to be given out to the public for free. As a matter of fact, this secret was only told to my close group of associates, and even if I do wish to sell it I would have at least sold this report for thousands of dollars. Yes, that is how valuable this report is. But after a long consideration, I decided to just let the public have it for free (You will later know the reasons on why I am giving this free report out).

Have you ever received an email in your inbox (which sometimes usually ends up in the SPAM/Junk folder) telling you about a particular penny stock is going to breakout and is urging you to buy it or which hot penny stocks to watch for and buy?

Now remember, these spammers are more smarter than we think. They have tools that can blast such emails to millions and millions of email accounts. Not just that, they even have automated programs to access forums and spam with the same content further. Imagine the amount of participants joining in and pumping the price.

Heck, these spammers are so resourceful and clever that they even manipulate the search results in search engines like Google! Don't believe me? Simply google terms like "Hot Penny Stocks To Watch" or "Hot Penny Stocks To Watch For" and you'll see a list of websites offering "free" notification service. And wait, I will explain this more later.

As most of you know the common market dynamics of supply and demand, the stock price is directly proportional to demand. The more demand or buyers of a particular stock, the higher the price will be. And yes, this applies to penny stocks too but as most of you know, penny stocks are very sensitive. A little surge in demand volume would cause the price to soar incredibly.
Penny stocks usually have a daily volume of 100,000 or so. And from all the spam emails that hit traders' inbox and hitting traders' forums, you could imagine tens of thousands of traders suddenly becomes interested in that particular penny stock. Such hype is contagious as they might tell their friends to participate too. On a common average, this would usually cause the penny stock to have a massive spike in volume - usually 10,000,000 or so (sometimes it can hit the 100,000,000 range). And without a doubt, the particular penny stock's price would react very-very violently.

So you may be thinking, "So what? I know this a long time ago! How is this a secret or how can I even profit from this 'secret'?" Well, it involves jumping in the wagon. But no, you do NOT buy with the crowd... you buy the penny stock before other traders start pumping it. And sell it when it has reach new heights. Imagine buying 10,000 shares of a particular penny stock at $0.15 and selling it later for $0.65! That is $0.50 profit PER share! And that amounts to $5,000 profit! Of course you could buy more to profit even more!

But there's a problem... how do we know when a particular penny stock is going to get all the hype and attention? Now that IS the secret ;)

Okay, there are 6 category of trader(s) in this secret that you should know of.
1) The Mastermind
2) The Signaler
3) Early Horde
4) Late Horde
5) The Bystanders
6) The Public

The early horde penny stock traders are the ones that usually profit the most. They are in the game at the start. Usually the Mastermind is the one that targets a company he wishes to pump the price. Unfortunately, he doesn't know how to do it OR because he does not a horde to back him up. So what does he do? Easy! He approaches The Signaler. The Mastermind is usually the one that has a huge amount of subscribers in his arsenal. The subscribers usually pay a premium (could be a one-time fee or monthly subscription fee) to the Mastermind to be in his list.

So the Mastermind buys a huge lot of a particular penny stock company then compensates The Signaler to send out his penny stock alert or 'buy signal'. The Signaler usually uses the money to pump it into the same penny stock company then alerts his subscribers (known as the Early Horde). His subscribers would read his persuasive email or alert that this so-and-so penny stock company has an awesome balance sheet with a sweet product coming out or has signed a huge contract. Believing the gimmick, his subscribers buy and pumps the stock even further.

Then The Signaler would send out the same persuasive to his 2nd horde, the Late Horde. Traders whom subscribe to those "Free" penny stock alert newsletter belong to this category. And because if it free, they usually have a hugeeeeee list of subscribers. So this Late Horde gives the most momentum. And it doesn't end here! The Signaler would use his automated softwares to spam non-subscribers and forums about this pick. Yes, they have such softwares that mines your emails if you publicly show it in forums or websites. That is why sometimes you get those emails even when you did NOT subscribe to them. Anyway, some traders not knowing the game and believing its propaganda-like pitch would buy it too. This gives a little more momentum.

And finally, the public. Amateur traders whom suddenly see this huge spike of volume would think it is a good deal and the price would rise further, so they jump into the wagon too. Unfortunately, what they do not know is that they are the most late joiners of the game.

Are you angry or disgusted with what is going on? No, you should not! You can actually exploit this truth and profit from it! Of course, you can't join the Mastermind or Signaler category, but you can join the Early Horde! Penny Stock Prophet and Penny Stock Egghead are the top 2 premium penny stock newsletter. The best part of all is that you do NOT need to pay a monthly subscription, but simply a small one-time fee. There's a 60-days money-back guarantee too.

My Experience:
I subscribed to Penny Stock Prophet's premium subscription and on 29 November 2010, James (the 'prophet') sent out his pick to all his premium subscribers. And what most people do not know is, if you were to scroll all the way down of any of his email regarding penny stock picks, there's this cute little message:

Penny Stock Newsletter Scam

As you can see the above diagram it pretty much sums up my hypothesis:
1) The Mastermind (could be the company's CEO) or a "third-party" buys back or buys a huge lot to prepare for his pump.
2) Signaller is compensated by The Mastermind. Usually, the Signaller would use the compensated money (some, if not all to profit from this game too) to pump the stock a little to write a more persusive pitch to his subscribers. He then finally sends out his "penny stock pick" to all his subscribers (the Early Horde).
3) All the premium subscribers (The Early Horde) starts purchasing the particular penny stock causing the price to soar.
4) The Late Horde jumps in the wagon. Usually by now the Mastermind would have exited his position.
5) Finally greedy buyers are pushing it higher. Usually is where the amateur traders think this is a good trade and joins in.
6) Lack of demand causes price to stall. This usually cause traders to exit their position. As prices slowly creep lower, everyone panics! Therefore, panic-selling ensued.

Solar Park Initiative was priced at $0.40 when James (The Signaler) emailed out his pick to his subscribers (The Early Horde). The price jumped to $0.48 on 1st December 2010 before panic-selling occured on 2nd December. If you have exited your position before the market closes on 1st December 2010, you would have still a whopping huge profit! Get my point?

But there's something you must bear in mind: Never ever let your emotion get hold of you, especially greed. Never hold your position for days thinking it will go higher.

Penny Stock Egghead is the preferred premium penny stock pick newsletter to join - I highly recommend them. They have a huge list of premium subscribers and Nathan Gold (The Signaler of Penny Stock Egghead) has many connections to pump the stock further.

Now you may wonder... is this illegal? Well, the short answer is no. If it is, all the market analyst whom kept informing the public that this so-and-so company is a "buy" or a "strong sell" should be guilty too. Believe me... most of the Wall Street fat cats are doing this too.
So good luck and grab this opportunity before it is fixed or discovered by the masses.

So join Penny Stock Egghead and start exploiting this opportunity!